1. What is Dealshelve?

Dealshelve aggregates/collects daily deals from group buying sites in Malaysia and several other countries in the region and host them in one place. These are deals with discounts of up to 90% off local restaurants, events, attractions, hotels, entertainment, shops, and more! Dealshelve is currently the most comprehensive source for consumers like you and me to find and share the best local deals in Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

If you read Chinese, you may be interested to read a cover story on Dealshelve published by Sin Chew Daily (Malaysia's top Chinese-language newspaper) to learn more about us.

2. How do I purchase any of these deals?

Dealshelve does not actually sell the deals directly. All deals at Dealshelve are collected from various group buying websites that offer deals available for purchase from their respective websites. When you click on "GRAB THIS DEAL", you are redirected to the associated group buying website that offers the deal where the purchase can be made.

3. Group buying?

If you are new to the concept of group buying, it simply means ability to buy a product at significantly discounted price when there is a guaranteed group of people buying the same product, i.e. more sales for the seller. If you would like to know more, do check out the Wikipedia entry on "Group buying" here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Group_buying.

4. How are these deals collected?

For most group buying websites where public API to get deals are not available, we currently have a robot configured to periodically visit the group buying websites at their respective URLs to get available deals. Deals that disappeared from the set URLs on subsequent visit are automatically archived into our "Past Deals" page.

5. Which websites are being crawled?

We are continuously looking for more group buying websites to be crawled by our robot. Currently, we cover group buying websites in Malaysia and several other countries in the region. Our robot is scheduled to periodically visit the list of URLs every few minutes to look for new deals. If you have suggestion on websites that we should include, feel free to let us know.

The complete list of group buying sites that we crawl are available in the following pages:
• Group Buying Sites in MalaysiaGroup Buying Sites in PhilippinesGroup Buying Sites in Singapore

6. I have subscribed myself to get the daily updates. Where are the updates?

We will send new deals to all subscribers at 10am local time. We send all our emails using info@dealshelve.com. You may want to add this email address into your contact list to avoid our emails from going into your spam box.

If you like to receive updates instantly, do follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. All new deals are posted to our Twitter account http://twitter.com/dealshelve and our Facebook pages as soon as they are available:
• http://www.facebook.com/DealshelveMalaysiahttp://www.facebook.com/DealshelvePhilippineshttp://www.facebook.com/DealshelveSingapore

7. I am subscribed to your RSS feed, can I filter the deals further?

RSS feeds are available separately for each country:
• http://dealshelve.com/rss/malaysia/http://dealshelve.com/rss/philippines/http://dealshelve.com/rss/singapore/

Additionally, 2 optional URL parameters (category and city) are supported to filter the deals by category and city. For example, to subscribe to RSS feed that shows you only the food and drink deals in Penang, you can use this RSS feed: http://dealshelve.com/rss/malaysia/?category=food-drink&city=penang.

See the complete list of the available RSS feeds at http://dealshelve.com/rss/.

8. Just like that?

This website is now available as beta release stage. Features available on this website may be unstable or may not work at all. Additionally, many more features are in our development pipeline.

Upcoming features:
• Side deals crawling; some side deals are not currently crawled by our crawler
• New website submission
• Stay tuned for more..

Please leave a comment to let us know how you like the changes we have made so far.